5 Reasons Why Flowers Are The Perfect Birthday Accoutrement

Even when you do choose a gift you’re confident about, remorse hits. Did she really want this Cookie Monster Snuggie? Is that faux sushi iPhone case enough? The set of steak knives that—be honest—you really wanted?

But what if I told you that choosing flowers as a pairing with any birthday gift can help set you on the path toward successful birthday gifting? We’ve laid out five good reasons to get her flowers on her birthday alongside any present.


Think what you’re celebrating on her birthday: The day she came into this world. It’s another year of being alive. It makes perfect sense to give her something living. And you can only get her so many goldfish before it becomes redundant.


Women hate being asked their age for a reason: The question reminds them of how old—not how young—they are. It’s a common myth that women secretly hate flowers because flowers die within a short time. This lie couldn’t be any more wrong. Women are vain—they love to see something dwindle and perish long before they do, especially on one of the worst days of the year. When that last petal falls, she can look in the mirror and see her youthful, vibrant face. She is young and beautiful after all. And you just proved it.


When she took you out for your birthday and you ordered that steak dinner, you might not have paid any attention to that carefully placed garnish on the plate. But your brain did. Little did you know, that little plant made a difference in taste. The same goes for flowers, which add that extra flourish to any presentation. They don’t have to be the centerpiece, but they can make it loud.


Say she doesn’t want, never could have dreamed of wanting a pair of toe socks. Or a hamster. Or a helmet so she can ride on the back of your motorcycle. It’s a good thing you had that bundle of peonies behind your back. And this way, you can also pull the “gag gift” card. “Psych. That was a joke, dear. I really got you these buds. Did you think I was stupid?” ‘Insert your most genuine laughter, it will be judged’.


Flowers don’t have to arrive at home. They can be delivered straight to her workplace. Such a public display of affection can remind her boss that he still has eight hours to send someone to go pick up a cake. Imagine that every petal is another person wishing her happy birthday that otherwise might not have.

On her birthday, earn toms style points. Show that extra level of care, thought. Go the extra mile and get her a bouquet to pair with the present like a sweet wine with a delicious dish.

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