5 Ways to Make Anniversary Flowers Personal

1- Her favorite color

She may be the simple type. It doesn’t matter what the plant is, but what hue. Bees don’t care about the drooping petals on the coneflower or the way yarrows sway in the breeze. They don’t know the meaning of sunflowers. They have their own kind of vision for detecting ultraviolet patterns. That’s the sweet nectar. Maybe you married a queen bee. For her, it’s the color that attracts. It might be loud gerbera, or the softness of eustomas, but for this woman, the color is all you have to remember.

2 – The name’s the thing

Did you find a mate named after a flower? Having class doesn’t mean you can’t be cheesy every so often. If you’re wedded to a Lily, a Rose, a Daisy, or even a Chrysanthemum, your choice might have been picked out for you.

3 – Flowers at the Wedding

Because, you know, “anniversary” does mean remembering the time you got hitched.

We know you have no idea what those flowers were on the tables, or in the flower girl’s hands, or the petals on the ground. But you can always ask her mom. Or her sister. Or dig up the old wedding photos and show them to the florist. In fact, those photos might come in handy for a candlelight anniversary presentation when she gets home.

4 – Flower Code

Maybe you have a special message for this anniversary, especially if that message is, “I know it was two days ago, but better late than never.”

It may be you want to convey your desire to rekindle an old flame (no, not that kind. We mean the flame with her). Or you had a long year and are thankful she stuck around. Give her peonies to show you’re satisfied with married life. Send gladiolas as a sign that you are her night in shining armor, or irises to go with those tickets to a vacay in Paris.

Flowers, like cards, carry a message. And like cards, you don’t have to fumble through saying the words if you don’t know how to.

5 – We’ve been married for how long?

If the lady likes to mix things up, if she’s a fan of diversity, if she’s comfortable surprises, but above all is really into tradition, you could go the sequential route. Oh yeah, there’s a flower for every anniversary. We might not have come up with it, but we support it.

You might have heard of giving a different material gift on every anniversary. But have you seen the list? Paper? Cotton? Tin? “Dear Charlotte: It’s been a dream of a year with you. Here’s a ream of Hammermill. You can use it to print out divorce papers.”

The first year you give carnations, reminiscent of youth. Lily of the Valley in the second year says you’ll keep returning. In twenty years, give her an aster, which is like medallion for making it so long.

You made your first impression year ago. But we all need a little refresher now and then. Make the best impression possible, every time. Choose for her something thoughtful.

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