6 Ways Not to Forget Your Anniversary

Not to her. Forgetting the date of is like forgetting every day before and after. She’ll feel like she’s been Eternal-Sunshine-of-the-Spotless-Minded.

Thankfully, there are several great tools at your disposal to assist your memory:

1 – Mark it on your calendar

Take a lesson from Kavanaugh: Writing on a calendar could make or break your reputation. When you crack open that calendar every January, circle the date. Copy it from the previous calendar. Then, mark a day at least two weeks in advance to remind yourself to prepare for the anniversary. You can even use a code, like “lift weights with PJ and Squee.”

2 – Set an alarm

If there’s no shame in waking up to an incessant “beep” every morning, there’s no shame in hearing a bell ring the night before the birthday of your marriage. It might be best to set two or three alarms leading up to it. Set an alarm to remind you to set that alarm. Set another alarm to remind you to set that alarm. There is no limit to the number of alarms.

3 – Make the date your password

What excuse is there when you have to repeat your anniversary every time you want to check your Twitter feed? Apple made their unlock passwords six digits for a reason. As a bonus, you’ll have a reminder to stay faithful when you get a text from the ex.

4 – There’s an app for that

What year is it? In the 21st century, there are countless apps specifically designed for this! From Google Assistant to Apple’s Remember the Date, from the robust Evernote to the simplified Remember the Milk, the digital age leaves you no excuse. (Now if you can only remember to download the app).

5 – Forget your anniversary, just once

We don’t recommend this one, but if it’s already happened, learn from it. If you remember the pain of day you forgot, you can remember the joy of the day you knew you’d never forget. Next year, go overboard. Order flowers in bulk.

6 – Use us!

Did you know that Real Men Buy Flowers has a plan to help you remember? If you order flowers with us in advance, not only will a bouquet arrive in her arms on that special day, but we can also send you a tap on the shoulder when the big day is coming up. We go beyond the ordinary flower service.

A memory lapse isn’t worth spending a night in the doghouse. Forget her not.

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