Just Because Flowers: Why Are They So Effective?

If there’s ever a surreal icon of the everyday blue-collar worker fighting all day to wipe the cold-blooded scum from the face of the earth so he can win over his precious princess, it’s Mario.  You know, the Italian plumber. And you know what we never questioned about Mario? That when Mario grabs a flower, it gives him extra power. We don’t ask why. We just know.

Because it does.

Never underestimate the power of bringing home flowers just because. Like a good meal, a good lady has plenty to savor, but it never hurts to butter her up a little.

Ninety-two percent of women say the best occasion to receive flowers is no occasion at all. And as for the other eight percent? They clearly haven’t gotten “just because” flowers before.

  • Flowers on Valentine’s Day? No-brainer!
  • Flowers on Mother’s Day? It’s from the kids.
  • Flowers on your anniversary? Fond memories.
  • Flowers because you forgot your anniversary? Nice save.
  • Flowers because there was another woman? It’s a start.

 All these occasions really tell a woman “because I have to.” And it’s true: You have to.

But flowers with no strings attached will turn your standard unsuspecting female into putty. But of course, you’re not asking for anything in return. You’re just it because you can. And she is who she is.

Imagine the look on your sweet dumplin’s face when you swing open that door, jacket tossed over your shoulder, give her the ol’ winking eye, and wave a surprisingly tantalizing catch of sunflowers before her.

“Flowers? For me? I do declare! Whatever for, darling?”

“Because,” you’ll say, waltzing over. “Just because. Does there have to be a reason?”

You’ll remember that passionate kiss for years.

 Spontaneity is more than just a difficult word to pronounce. It’s the key to pepping up a woman who’s been waiting for a reminder of how much of a bombshell she is, and how much you know it.

 There’s no better way to say “I’ve been thinking of you, even when I didn’t have to.”

Ipso freakin’ facto, your woman is the one because she just is. She needs no reason why. Neither will a bouquet in her honor.

What are you waiting for?