Chivalry Flowers is a website designed to take the fear out of buying flowers. We are a national online florist providing a simplified shopping experience. With curated choices and a subscription option (coming soon), Chivalry Flowers is helping men to deliver on their best intentions.

Simple Ordering

Flowers sites are built for women. To a man, they are minefields of ineptitude, topped with the immeasurable pressure of approval. You have every right to be overwhelmed.

Chivalry Flowers has the solution: we speak the language of man, with our flower subscription service (coming soon) making it even simpler to live up to your best intentions. A few clicks and we will deliver superb flowers for all of life’s major moments: birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and the all important ‘Just Because’ flowers, because the best reason to give flowers is no reason at all.

Powerful Flowers from Farm to Door.

It’s important you trust us, and this means your recipients need to be stunned by our flowers. Like Tiffany & Co, you will never ever go wrong with that little blue box. Likewise, you’ll never go wrong with Chivalry Flowers. Why? Because behind the scenes, we have design experts with pedigree and style picking and arranging the freshest flowers straight from the farm, ensuring you hit a home run. Our flower farm and importer supplies the very best: The Oscars, The Grammy Awards, the US Open, the Bellagio Las Vegas… just to name drop a few.

Basically, everything about our flowers is crafted so you can give the best. Because we want your recipient to be ecstatic, which should make you ecstatic.

Fast Delivery

We pride ourselves on nationwide, overnight delivery. It’s flat rate for single bouquets or completely free with our subscription (coming soon).

Affordable Pricing

Preparing for our site, we spent a lot of time interviewing and surveying men and women. It was important when developing our pricing that we understood how much a man wanted to spend, but even more importantly, what people wanted to receive.

From the survey, it was universal: the amount spent on the flowers doesn’t really matter, but a majority felt that $50 – $100 was the sweet spot. (Much more than $100 and they say it feels wasteful or indulgent, which sucks the joy out of it). So we wanted to make sure that everyone loves them and you don’t have to spend a guilt-inducing amount for beautiful flowers.



Chivalry Flowers has eliminated the guesswork --every bouquet is a winner.

Trevor King

I am hopeless with dates--last month I missed my Mom's birthday.

Trevor King

I was so surprised by these flowers, I had to find out where they came from.

Jesse Arifien