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Why Chivalry flowers?

Let’s be honest. Thanks to George RR Martin, we have all become a little more interested in knights and dragons…While delving into a fictitious fantasy past, we stumbled across ye olde notion of Chivalry and thought it was time she got a little revamp.

Chivalry, originally a moral code idealized by Medieval knights, included bravery, courtesy, honor and great gallantry. At its core, the “knight’s code” was all for helping others - humbly, pleasantly and graciously.  

Several studies at Yale University have shown that humans are born with the desire to be helpful — even before an infant can talk, he or she can discern when someone needs assistance, and will instinctively try to lend a hand. Detached, narcissistic, inconsiderate attitudes are developed only later in life.

In our Instagram-era of isolation and ego, a time when we are all cut off from each other in ways unfathomable by even our grandparents, it will take deliberate efforts to reconnect to our selfless instincts.  

 Today, the notion of chivalry no longer just for guys, it should apply to everyone and include volunteering for a nonprofit, holding the elevator door and helping a co-worker who is struggling to meet a deadline…

Here at Chivalry Flowers we are all for embracing our chivalrous instincts. And nothing expresses kindness or selflessness quite like the perfect gift of flowers.

We deliver on your best intentions. We deliver flowers.


Our Industry

Approximately $10.5 billion dollars of fresh flowers are sold a year, with an estimated 35% purchased by men. We believe that number would be, and should be, significantly higher if the flower purchasing process was simplified.

Chivalry Flowers is the first online flower market designed specifically with simplification and speed in mind. 

The platform, which ships nationwide, takes the difficulty out of shopping for the ideal bouquet for a specific occasion by eliminating the number of decisions required.

We know our husbands, boyfriends, and partners truly want to make us happy by finding small ways of showing us how much they appreciate all that we do. So, with Chivalry Flowers, we make that easier for them. 

Even though men think we are complex creatures, we are usually not that complicated and it is the simple, little things that truly make it clear that we are thought of and cared for.
Gillian Harper, CEO


Chivalry Flowers has eliminated the guesswork --every bouquet is a winner.

Trevor King

I am hopeless with dates--last month I missed my Mom's birthday.

Trevor King

I was so surprised by these flowers, I had to find out where they came from.

Jesse Arifien